Liberate Body and Mind this Independence-Day Weekend in Yoga Sessions. SUNDAY 4 PM and MONDAY 9:30 AM. All Ages, Sizes Abilities receive a gentle and stilling breathing support, deep engaging poses that engage, tone and relax all muscle groups. Enjoy release of tension and deep relaxation. Nurture yourself with a Personalized Yoga Therapeutics Session. Experience relief of aches and pains. Increase mobility, balance, toning and strength. Move and breath more fully in everything you do! Yoga for ALL Ages, Sizes, and Abilities. To schedule an appointment or register for a class: or (845) 866-7822.  We wish you great Health and Peace and look forward to being with you at our warm and welcoming Mountaindale, NY, Yoga Studio. 


Unite with Light this Solstice Weekend at Radiant Yoga Studio in Mountaindale, NY. Celebrate the Light Within no matter what the weather in a Soothing Therapeutic Yoga and Meditation Session this SUNDAY 5 PM. Release Stress: Enhance Back Health. Feel Relaxed and Refreshed for your Week. BRING YOUR FATHER (or HUSBAND) for FREE to this SUNDAY's class.

Canceled: Yoga-Flow in Bethel

This Event is Canceled. You are welcome to enjoy other beautiful weekend classes at Wagging Tail this summer. WaggingTailYoga.Com.

Join us Sunday, June 21, 9:30-10:45 AM at the beautiful Wagging Tail Yoga Studio in Bethel, NY. Tone and Rejuvenate in this inspiring nature setting. Enjoy our enlivening and sweet Yoga-Flow. $20/session. We look forward to welcoming you! Blessings on your week!

Enlivening Early Spring Yoga

Align with INNER PEACE, Strength and Flexibility in this fun, enlivening and deeply relaxing session for BEGINNERS and ALL LEVELS. Class includes breathing, postures, and optimal alignment to support BALANCE, DIGESTION, and JOINT HEALTH for Winter. TONE all MUSCLES GROUPS. RELAX the mind, release stress, and uplift the spirit.

We Warmly Welcome You.

Thank you for your RSVP to ATTEND via e-mail or phone: (845) 866-7822.


Breathe, Align and Stretch with Ease. Experience your Beauty and Light. SUNDAY SOLSTICE, YOGA THERAPEUTICS 10 AM, December 21, 2014. All Abilities and Most All Concerns Welcome. We look forward to supporting you to great health, peace, and happiness! Thank you for your RSVP to Attend. Please visit our facebook page for more inspirations, and thank you for Liking.  


Feel the tingling and strengthening with anti-aging exercises for the face and eyes TUESDAYS at 6 PM. Tone the lower back, hips and leg muscles too! Thank you for reserving to attend. Enjoy more Facial Yoga exercises from longtime practitioner Ranjana Khan in the Utube video below. We wish you great health, vibrancy and peace and look forward to being with you!

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Align with your Divine Nature. Create spaciousness and flexibility; develop strength and endurance, with joy and ease. Join a beautiful group of welcoming, accepting, warm-hearted people for a toning and strengthening session for All Ages, Sizes, and Abilities. Students work at their own level: Gentle or More Cardio and Strengthening. Class is taught with care and attentiveness to alignment, breathing, engagement, and stretching, with appropriate strength and ease.Thank you for RSVP to Attend.

Radiant Yoga of Mountaindale 63 Main Street, CR-55 (845) 866-7822